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Appears an mmo player for many moons

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Under the proposed new rules it might illegal for Internet providers to slow down an existing network but they can speed up companies who pay for faster service. As time passes, This means that simply not upgrading their existing speeds would increase the risk for same bottlenecks as slowing things down bandwidth use increases occur over time, And if bandwidth itself does not increase unless a company pays for it they will experience something like a slowdown. What do i mean to gaming and gamers? Cable companies exist in most markets as a well accredited and legal form of monopoly known as”Natural monopoly” For the reason that they built the infrastructure and so own it, Therefore do not need to allow other competing companies to use that national facilities.

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Alvir’s Legacy Update Revealed For Devilian

A new post from a member of the Trion Worlds development team today highlights some exciting new details for the highly anticipated Alvir Legacy update for the increasingly popular MMORPG, Devilian. Although teased previously this is the first announcement of in-depth details, a welcomed surprise as we head into the Summer drought.

Alvir’s Legacy will introduce a number of exciting new features and fixes to current systems including:

Players will be able to expand their abilities on the battlefield with an increase in level cap from level 54 to level 56
Intense new challenges for end-game players with 4 new Heroic and Hell Mode dungeons with an additional Archdevil Dungeon and Archdevil Dungeon
With the increase in level cap players can expect brand new PvP and PvE based gear sets
More rewards for PvP fans with a new currency and Victory Certifications
A new artifact will allow players to raise and enhance gear to +9 and beyond

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“World of Tanks: Blitz” release 2.1 update, continue to slowly but surely increase

Arthas eyed him. “As long as the royal coffers see their proper percentage of your earnings, Lieutenant General, you’ll be permitted to continue the games.” He turned again to the orc, watching him as he completed his circuit. “He…is completely under control, isn’t he?”

One thing I like World of Tanks: Blitz [Free] is constantly updated constantly bombarded it with tank simulator. These updates do more than simply improve the game; they also added new tanks at all times, and expand your various tanks can play the game the way to play each other quite differnetly. Update 2.1, has just come down, continue to add new toys to play with tradition. Specifically, this update also adds the British tank destroyer entire branch, including the UC-2 PDR (II), Valentine AT (III), and Alecto (IV), heavy turtle (IX), and the terrible FV215b 183 (X) is. These are some of the PC version of the most famous tank destroyer, so I was glad to see they came blitz version, especially since I usually play tank destroyer.

This update also adds chat clan, in order to improve communication of a better search process clan clan members, as well. Hopefully, clan battle will be the next game as soon as they really provide a totally different way to play with your friends WOT assault. Various WOT Blitz game now offer related Internet pages more accessible; and slightly less useful than most people may not be the forum pages are very useful, especially for the newer players. The Mission has also seen some of the new allocation algorithm considers the mission to provide players with more useful vehicle missions players need to improve the most commonly used. Finally, we got some nerfs and enthusiasts, as is always the case at mostly low-level tank or get some love or hate some of them. Go here, if you want to see the patch notes and a detailed balance improvements.

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August Elder update to improve the loss rate; BOTS banned more

Iskar did the same, slamming down his hand on the parchment. “If this is true, it means we’ve been living a lie. Isn’t that important to you? You went through all this trouble to get it; you risked everything, and now you want to destroy it?”

Tirion world is always listening on the ancient negative feedback – this issue has been whether the company can do anything.

In reply to many questions about the ancient century in the official forum thread a long, senior community manager Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan put forward some ideas Trion upcoming plans, including loose and larger loot dropped to RNG August Update:

“Our August update will resolve some of the key issues. Some of the highlights include black pearl loss ratio improved to make them drop from AQUA farmed oysters at an acceptable rate, increasing the drop rate FOR haunted wardrobe / AURORIA cape, increase FUSCIAFIN The drop rate from drowning love of the ocean, and so on. ”

Looking ahead, the company plans Trion granting certain incentives to progress the introduction of more and more gear and more consistent way, for example, when you do not get dropped Fortunately, this is not an online game publishing is a bad idea in 2010, Brennan’s report further progress in hitting robot and hackers, with 300% of the robot is banned in the past two weeks alone.

This is a nice sentiment, but it is a good question, whether this will be enough to get people to come back. If you try to leave the ancient century, it will take you back?

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RIFT LIVE flow characteristics provide new assault

But he would find out. If this document existed, if it was genuine, there would be others. Apocrypha, hidden away in the heart of the Grand Spire. Scrolls and histories lost to time, concealed by the elders. Clues. Secrets. Truths.

If you like PvP Rift Valley and are free today around 6:30 PM Eastern time, you may want to peek Trion World “twitch page. Development team will take the cusp (there is no one to get this type of reference it?), to show off a new attack patterns and bronze grave assault content is added to the free play MMORPG When “into the wilderness” update soon on-line.

Attack mode is in addition Warfronts, challenge team offensive and defensive series of strategic objectives. Similar to other games have this type of mode, players attack mode will get a chance to attack, then switch to try and defend.

Assault bronze tomb is dedicated to establish a new Warfronts map for the attack mode of the game. Similar to the Star Wars: Voidstar Old Republic PVP mode, two teams will take turns three consecutive offensive and defensive part of the map. Your way through the fallen hero’s path, you will send defenders to retreat the first settlers of the tomb. Offensive team will break through this section to obtain the ultimate goal, Aurentine treasures library.

If you do not just settle for watching a live stream, ready to log on to the Rift Valley PTR, you can actually try the new model, while your friends see the official live streaming. In the meantime, you can here the new content to read.

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WoW’s Continued Sunset Shines Bright For Blizzard’s Future

World of Warcraft has once again lost more “subscribers” in a few months than most (close to all) MMOs could ever dream of having. They dropped something like 3 million subscribers in a three month period, marking the sharpest decline in the history of the game. I think they remain at a lowly 7.1 million? All according to plan.

Over the years I have been saying that WoW’s slow decline is in Blizzard’s best interest, and a decline in WoW subscribers is ultimately beneficial for them financially, and realistically their goal. You’d think I was crazy back then given the responses I got in the comments, but look at the landscape of Blizzard’s revenue stream now.

Looking at Blizzard’s financials, over 40% of their revenue stream came from non-WoW games, and that’s estimated to exceed 50% this year. I bet that by the time Overwatch launches, their non-WoW revenue will be closing in on the 70% mark. Blizzard is diversifying, and the money isn’t in WoW anymore, or at least for much longer. They’ve said it themselves, “Strong recurring franchise diversification is in process inside the Blizzard portfolio, which sets us up for a bright 2016 and beyond.”

This diversification is not only a great business move for Blizzard, but a great outlook for us players. We get more games to enjoy in a variety of flavors, and we’ll start to see developers trying new things in order to appeal to the new ‘variety is the spice of life’. Soon, one day, there will no longer be just one giant behemoth of a game strangling the MMO industry. Mark my words, we are returning to an era where there are fewer players per game with more games available offering a variety of playstyles. This day is coming; it must come.

The sun never sets on Blizzard’s empire. So yes, WoW’s decline is good for Blizzard. Those players can now be transitioned into other titles where they will spend more money more often. All according to plan indeed.


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A Whole New World

I need to come up for a breath of air and actually post something! Sorry for the slow posts, but I’ve been having a blast in EverQuest on the Ragirefire server. I have a lot of stuff to write about, but for the most part I want to focus on giving you guys a brief update with where the game/server is at in general and some of my impressions of EverQuest after over a decade of not playing any official version.

Daybreak just announced tonight that a NEW progression server is coming because of how popular Ragefire has been. The new server will be called Lockjaw. Right now it remains to be seen if a merge will take place down the road, or if this server will suffer the same fate as Vulak (Fippy’s counterpart) did when it became a ghost town. The reason for the server? Yeah, it’s due to the success, but that success has meant queues. On average, the wait time to play all weekend was about 1.5 hours. Oh, and yeah they added a queue. Before the queue, it was mashing the login to see if you could get lucky.

The first Nagafen, Vox, and Phinny kills happened only days after the server launched. Just goes to show you that not only do multiboxers have an advantage, but this isn’t the same EverQuest I remember. This version of Norrath truly is a whole new world.

The Norrath I remember wasn’t full of 80% Mages. Right now, Mages, Necros, and a few other magic classes are so broken that they can burn down yellows like they were nothing. Groups right now are pulling piles of mobs and burning them all down in a DPS race. The Norrath I remember was a careful approach to pulling one mob at a time.

Leveling is also much, much quicker. Not only is it hard-coded at 2x, with the decrease in difficulty you can plow through mobs without breaking a sweat. Last night in North Ro I was pulling mobs to my group. I’d bring in 2 red con Dry Bone Skeletons, a Yellow Crypt Mummy, and anything else I could possibly snag all at once. In a matter of a few hours we had each gained 3-4 levels. That’s absolutely unheard of in the Norrath I remember. To top it all off, I was tanking — a Bard.

Zones have also changed considerably. They turned South Ro and Oasis into one zone, did something to North Ro to make it squat, merged the Commonlands into one zone, and completely destroyed Freeport. I’m not sure how I feel about the other zone changes, but Freeport definitely sucks.

While this is so far, far away from the Norrath I remember, I’m still having so much fun I can’t stop. For the first time in YEARS I’m antsy to get done with work and play. Something about EverQuest, even when it’s not truly the EverQuest of old, captivates my attention like no other game has ever been able to do.


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Rainbow Six: Siege barricades self inside house until 1 December

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operator system detailed

Ubisoft’s upcoming Rainbow Six: Siege title has been delayed until 1 December for more time to make ‘adjustments and improvements’ to the game.

Originally scheduled for October, a short statement on the Ubisoft corporate blog confirms that the title will be pushed back a couple more months.

“Based on the [Rainbow Six: Siege] feedback we’ve received, and based on our own internal tests, we felt there are adjustments and improvements we can make,” the post reads. The list of areas under consideration for improvement runs quite long, perhaps going to way towards explaining why a delay is necessary.

It includes “improving the co-op experience across all game modes, weapon and gadget balancing, as well as menu and interface navigation”. Later in the piece, “infrastructure and matchmaking” get a nod for some improvements too.

The release delay will not affect the launch of the closed beta, which is intended to go ahead as planned from 24 September.


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